EGOZARU Day held


3/6 is a monkey day.

EGOZARU will hold a special event of "1 day only" at the official online store as "EGOZARU DAY"!

Event ① Limited items are released only for 1 day !!!

Basket shorts+T -shirts with familiar characters as motifs are "EGOZARU DAY limited special items", and limited sale of "one day only" on March 6 (Sun).

* The sales period is 3/6 (Sun) 9: 00-23: 59.

* Limited items are not eligible for sale.

Click here to purchase EGOZARUDAY limited items


Event ② 1 day only “36%to 50%OFF” sale

We will hold a limited sale only for one day that will be 36%off the target product.

In addition, some items are MAX 50%OFF !!

* The sale period is 3/6 (Sun) 9: 00-23: 59.

Click here for the eGOZARUDAY sales venue



EGOZARU Day 2022 is over.