"Shimane Susanoo Magic" produced by "EGOZARU" 2023-24 Season New Uniform Announcement


"JAPAN Professional Basketball League (B League)" with Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture as a home town, and the basketball brand "EGOZARU (Ego Sal)/Sard Ship Co., Ltd." from Japan 2023-24 A new uniform design has been decided with the official supplier contract of the season.

Shimane Susanoo Magic

EGOZARU produces the 2023-24 season uniforms by Birdman Co., Ltd.

In order to embody the club concept, "Let's wake up the wind." Finished with a dignified design with a combat uniform.
In the patterns, there are many phenomena that are rooted in Shimane, the phenomena related to the wind, and it has become a symbol of Shimane, and the desire to aim for the best in Japan is in the design.
* Home (blue), away (white)

Shimane Susanoo Magic Uniform

[Shimane Susanoo Magic]
A professional basketball team belonging to the B League with Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture as a hometown.