The 2023-24 season "Rising Zephyr Furfuqua" new uniform design is decided

「EGOZARU」が製作する 2023-24シーズン「ライジングゼファーフクオカ」新ユニフォームデザインが決定

福岡県福岡市をホームタウンとする「JAPAN PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE(Bリーグ)」所属のプロバスケットボールチーム「ライジングゼファーフクオカ」と日本発のバスケットボールブランド「EGOZARU(エゴザル)/株式会社サードシップ」の2023-24 With the official supplier contract of the season, a uniform design has been decided to fight a new season.

Rising Zephyr Furfuka

The design of the new season is a key color of the team color blue and red as a key color, and the wind gods and the Raijin show each other's breathtaking combination and express the victory to the team.

(Home: Blue, Away: White)

Rising Zephyr Furfuoka New Uniform

[Rising Zephyr Furfuka]
B.LEAGUE's professional basketball team in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.