About your order

How to order


Select the size, color, and quantity from the product page and add it to the cart.

Please check the product name, size, color, quantity, amount, etc. on the cart page that there is no error.

If there is no error in your order and does not add addition, please press the [Purchase product] button to register for delivery information. After the order is completed, you will receive an order confirmation email to the e -mail address you entered.

If you do not receive the email, please make a setting to receive emails from the following domain.

Please set up email reception from the following domain.

Check your order history


You can check your order history only by EGOZARU official mail order members. You can log in from "Login" and check from "order history" in My Page.


About product price


In EGOZARU official mail order, the selling price of the store and the product may differ depending on the campaign such as sale. In addition, the price may fluctuate for the above reasons. Please note that the product price may be different from when purchased before.