terms of service

EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Egome Official Mail Order (hereinafter referred to as "Company") is about the use of "EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Egome Official Mail Order" operated by the Company.The following terms are determined as follows.

Article 1 (definition)

In these Terms, the terms described in the following items are used in the following sense.
"EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Official Mail Order" is a system that provides information provided by products or services, and has a function to provide products or services by online, and is a site operated by the Company on the Internet based on these Terms. 。

"User" is an EGOZARU online store |
"This Service" refers to the service provided by the Company EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Egome official mail order based on these Terms. The increase or decrease shall be made, and the notification will be performed at any time through the EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Egome official mail order, e -mail or other means of communication.

Article 2 (Areas and changes of the terms)

1) These Terms shall apply to the Company and the user regarding the use of this service, and the user shall be intolerant to use the EGOZARU Online Store | Egome Official Mail Order.

2) EGOZARU ONLINE STORE separately Egozaru ONLINE STORE | Individual provisions prescribed on the official mail order or other methods, and additional provisions that the Company notify users at any time shall make a part of these agreements.
If the individual and additional provisions are different from these Terms, the individual and additional provisions shall be prioritized.

3) We may change these agreements at our own judgment without the consent of the user. In this case, EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | The terms of use of services provided by the Egome Official Mail Order shall be based on the changed terms. The change shall be effective from e -mails to the address notified to the Company in advance, EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Egome official mail order, or other methods that the Company deemed appropriate.

4 In the event of a disadvantage or damage to the user due to the change in the terms, we shall not be responsible for any responsibility.

Article 3 (User status and restrictions)

1 User status

EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | In the official mail order, users are deemed to have agreed to these Terms at the time of enjoying any of the services provided (the enjoyment here, including viewing information). , At the same time, EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | We will obtain a position as a user in the official egome mail order.

2 Restrictions on users

Users shall not do the following acts:

(1) EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Acts to use the official mail order for Egome in the method specified by the egome official mail order.

(2) Acts that spoof the other person and use this service.

(3) EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | An act of specifying data links related to this service in other data, etc.

(4) EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | Acts that may be unauthorized or destroyed or destroyed or destroyed or destroyed or destroyed or destroyed the data stored on a computer that uses the Egome official mail order.

(5) Acts that interfere with the operation of this service.

(6) Use for sales activities using this service, use for the purpose of profit, and for the purpose of preparing. However, this is not the case if we have approved separately.

(7) Collecting and accumulating personal information of other users, or trying to do these acts.

(8) Act against public order and morals and acts against other domestic and overseas laws and regulations.

Article 4 (interruption, stop of this service)

(1) If we fall under any of the following reasons, we may temporarily suspend or suspend this service without notifying the user in advance at our own judgment.

(1) When performing equipment, system maintenance and inspection of equipment, system for this service, and update regularly or urgently.

(2) When it is difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, and natural disasters.

(3) When the mission of the Type 1 Telecommunications carrier is not provided.

(4) Other operations or technically, if the company needs to suspend or suspend this service, or due to unexpected circumstances, it is difficult to provide this service.

(2) The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or losses for users or third parties, regardless of whether the user or third parties have been suspended or suspended.

Article 5 (about handling links)

EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | If you link to other sites from various services provided by Egome official mail order, or if a third party offers links to other sites, we are EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | We are not responsible for any other sites.
In this case, we do not take any responsibility for content, advertising, products, services, etc., which are compared to the site and are available on the site.
We are not responsible for compensation for all damages caused or associated with those content, advertising, products, services, etc.

Article 6 (copyright)

1) The user does not obtain the consent of the right holder, and in any method, EGOZARU ONLINE STORE | , It cannot be used for sales, publishing, and other purposes.

2. The user does not obtain the consent of the right holder, use or publish any information provided through the Egozaru Online Store | Egozal official mail order in any method. I can't do it.

(3) In the event of a problem in violation of the rules of this Article, the user shall solve the issues related to their own responsibilities and expenses, and shall not cause any nuisance or damage to the Company.

Article 7 (liability)

1) For the provision, delay, change, interruption, suspension, suspension, abolition of information provided, leaks or burned information, or other users or third parties that occurred in connection with this service We shall not be liable at all. However, personal information registered through this service is the same as "Handling of personal information" separately specified.

(2) If the user causes damage to a third party by using this service, the user shall be resolved at his own responsibility and cost, and will not cause damage to the Company.
If the user causes damage to the Company due to acts against this Terms, or an illegal or illegal act, the Company shall be able to claim damages to the user appropriately.

Article 8 (Privacy Policy)

The management and handling of users that the Company knows in connection with the use of this service by the user shall be due to the privacy policy specified by the Company separately.

Article 9 (compliant law)

The Japanese National Law shall apply to the establishment, effect, and interpretation of these Terms.

Article 10 (jurisdiction)

If a dispute occurs in these Terms, the District Court, which has jurisdiction over the location of our headquarters, will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.