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Outside business hours, it will be announced after the next business day.
Business hours: 10 am to 17:00 pm (excluding weekends and holidays)
Please note that we cannot answer the contents outside this online store.
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I will refuse BtoB sales emails.


Since the product is shipped for each order, we do not support shipments with different orders.

Orders with your order reception may be preparing for shipping.
Please note that we cannot accept products to order after the order is completed.

The product shipment has been shipped within 3 days of our business day after ordering.

Please note that orders such as weekends, holidays, long vacation periods, etc. will be calculated after the next business day.

Example: If you order at noon on Sunday

Shipped from the next business day (Monday excluding holidays) to Wednesday (within business days).

In principle, we do not provide information on the arrival information of new products or the restarted information of the sold out.

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As a general rule, the customer's convenience (such as the size did not match), the product that had been removed from the tag, a product that was one week after the receipt, the product that had been washed once, and the product used once. Exchange cannot be accepted.

If the initial failure of the product is recognized, we will respond to replacement within 7 days after delivery.

We will not be able to answer information on external services such as EGOZARU team orders from this page.

Please contact us from the following EGOZARU team order site.

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