Sample rental request

Size sample rental notes

  • The number of loans is up to 3rd one per type.
  • Depending on the rental status, you may not be able to prepare your desired size.
  • The lending period is two weeks from the date of the rental.
  • Our business days are in principle weekdays. We will be closed for shipping work during weekends and holidays and long vacations.
  • If the schedule cannot be used for lending, we will ship before and after that.
  • The shipping cost at the time of shipping is borne by our company, but the shipping cost at the time of return is borne.
  • If there is no return within the lending period or if there is any damage to the rental sample, you must purchase the sample at the amount we want.
  • Size sample uniforms are tried on various people, so there may be some dirt.
  • Please note that the fabric of the size sample and the actual product fabric may differ.