[Limited quantity] Lucky bag reservation reception starts from 12/20 !!!


Reception of popular lucky bags every yearDecember 20th 15:00 ~I will start.
This year, we have three kinds of good lucky bags. Don't miss this opportunity !!

Click here to make a reservation:https://egozaru.jp/collections/egozaru-hukubukuro

* Note * Orders until December 27 (Tuesday) will be shipped on Wednesday, December 28.
Subsequent orders will be shipped sequentially from Thursday, January 5th.

* Lucky bags are not eligible for free shipping.
* Lucky bags are not eligible for point use and assignment.
* Reservations will be made for each size.
* Replacement and return of products are accepted only for defective products.
* Replacement of defective products will be replaced for each item.
(It may not be the same product as before the exchange.)
* Please note that the size is not replaced.