2023-24 Season "Rising Zephyr Furfuoka" and "EGOZARU" signed an official supplier contract



福岡県福岡市をホームタウンとする「JAPAN PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE(Bリーグ)」所属のプロバスケットボールチーム「ライジングゼファーフクオカ」と日本発のバスケットボールブランド「EGOZARU(エゴザル)/株式会社サードシップ」は2023-24 We have concluded an official supplier contract for the season.

This contract will continue from the 2022-23 season of the previous year, where the brand "EGOZARU" developed by Third Ship Co., Ltd. will be supplemented with the official uniform of Rising Zephyr Far Fukuoka.

We, "EGOZARU," as an official supplier, through uniforms and related clothing, we will continue to support "Rising Zephyrf Quoka" with the 2023-24 season with booster and sponsor companies.

[Rising Zephyr Furfuka]
B.LEAGUE's professional basketball team in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.