2022-23 Season "Levanga Hokkaido" and "EGOZARU" signed an official supplier contract

2022-23シーズン 「レバンガ北海道」と「 EGOZARU」がオフィシャルサプライヤー契約を締結

"Japan Professional Basketball League (B League)", which is a home town in Sapporo, Hokkaido, is the professional basketball team "Levanga Hokkaido" and the basketball brand "EGOZARU (Ego Sal)/Third Ship Co., Ltd." We have concluded an official supplier contract.
This contract will continue from the 21-22 season of the previous year, where the brand "EGOZARU" developed by Third Ship Co., Ltd. is a supply uniform of "Levanga Hokkaido".

"EGOZARU" will fully support "Levanga Hokkaido" with the booster in the 22-23 season as a team official supplier through uniforms and related wear.


[Levanga Hokkaido]